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Keeping things short.

I have a problem. I write too much. 

It’s not a new problem. In graduate school the words “This is not a dissertation” was found next to the grade on any paper I wrote.  While professors might dread reading 100 page papers, I usually ended up with A’s since I was immensely complete and still compact with my writing. My problem is  I plan big projects,  and want to finish the project before I present it.

I just finished Show Your Work!: 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered by Austin Kleon and it got me thinking about this problem. Kleon’s Tip #3 was “share something small every day,” which I neither share small or everyday.  He points to my problem of not posting with this encouragement:

We’re all terrified of being revealed as amateurs, but in fact today it is the amateur the enthusiast who pursues her work in the spirit of love(in french the word means “lover”), regardless of the potential for fame, money, or career — who often has the advantage over the professional.

I write for grad school or a finished read-to publish book.  When I was writing Shlomo’s Drash in its heyday, it was almost always over 1100 words. It’s just a blog post.  Blogs are short, small sharings. If they are more human, even better.

So I’m giving myself a 300-word limit. but I will post content every day. I have two projects on the burners, and both are very easily posted here.

Time to start the adventure. Time to keep it going.

(Word count: 258)


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