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The Making App Pie Tutorial: The Adventure Begins

I’ve been at Xcode and cocoa Touch for over a year. I’ve had over  1,400 downloads of my apps from the app store and learned a lot about programming in Xcode.

I’ve realized something during this time: Programming in OOP is not like programming in C or Basic. When you have a graphic environment like Xcode, with storyboards to help you, the entire game if different, and it’s more about the rules you unlearn than learn as a programmer.

So I asked myself a question: What if someone who knows enough to handle Microsoft Word  or Pages would be taught Xcode from the ground up?

So we begin an adventure the Making App Pie tutorials will be regularly posted tutorials on how to make apps for the iPhone at first , and eventually the iPad as well.

You will need the following to play along at home:

  • The latest version of Xcode
  • A Macintosh computer ( since Xcode only runs on a mac)
  • A Developer’s license. There are two varieties of these, the free one and the $99/yr one. The big difference is the paid license lets you put your apps on a real phone, the free one restricts you to the simulator. I strongly suggest getting the paid developer’s license, but it will be months before we will do anything the requires you to upload an app to a phone. You can begin the registration process here:

What we will do over the course is create an adventure game. The idea of this game is to learn Xcode, not to write games. Those of you interested in productivity apps will learn the fundamentals for those types of apps as well. Some of the parts of this adventure will be components for many types of non-game apps. I’m just making a conceptual framework that will help everyone think correctly about Object Oriented Programming.

Hope you join me in a great adventure.





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