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Hello world!

Like everything in the programming community, It’s important to start with a “hello World”  program, or in this case a post.

So here I go, Posting stuff.

This is not you normal advice blog for app developers.  There is a lot of more knowledgeable ones, like for that.

I started programming with a brand spanking new TRS-80 with a whopping 4K of memory,  and have learned many programming languages in the time since then. I’m bewildered by this wonderful thing called app development, even though it’s dream programming to me.

So I’m learning the Xcode 4 thing with iOS 5.1.  Though blundering along is more like it.

I’m learning a lot like I make pies, I find a pie shell, stick some ingredients in and see what happens. Sometimes I get delicious pie. Sometime pie on my face.

You find the same thing here, as I problem solve my way to creating apps.

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