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Bass ackwards with Objective C.

It drives me nuts, thinking backwards.

in Java or C++ or C, functions and methods are simple. They’re close to what I did in Pascal a quarter century ago:

public int sampleMethod(int y){
//statements go here
return y;

and then the call would be


No biggie. If sampleMethod was in a an object I was calling,

a= theObject.samplemethod(5);

But Objective C turned things around. Definitions are simple enough for single parameters:

- (int) SampleMethod:(int) y {
//statements go here

but the sending a message looks so different:

a=[theObject samplemethod: 5];

I get confused.  when you have something with multiple parameters in it like

-(void) fillCircleAtPoint:(CGPoint)p withRadius:(CGFloat)radius inContext:(CGContextRef) context{ //stuff here


and sending a message to

[self   fillCircleAtPoint:p withRadius:radius*0.5 inContext:context];

it just seems wrong. The withRadius: and inContext: just seem wrong.

They aren’t of course, and it does add to readability.

I get stuck with remembering which object I’m sending a message to, and those funky multiple parameter methods with the extra bits.

I’m silly I’m sure, but it is a paradigm change for me, And I’m guessing someone who will eventually read this.

See you are not the only silly person out there.

One response to “Bass ackwards with Objective C.”

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